The Lockdown Show Rules

  1. The Lockdown Show Judge’s decision is final.
  2. All photographs and videos submitted may have been taken at any time.
  3. Video class – must consist of one continuous video.
  4. Rosettes will be awarded from 1st to 6th place and will be posted free of charge to postal addresses in the UK if required.
  5. Each horse, pony or dog may only enter each class once.
  6. The winner of each class will go forward to either the In-hand or Ridden/Specialty Championships. The Champion and Reserve from each section will go forward to the Lockdown Show Supreme Championship.
  7. Show attire is advised. It is acceptable for other appropriate riding clothing to be worn. Hats conforming to current safety regulations are essential in all ridden classes.
  8. We appreciate your best efforts with turn out. Competitors are not required to plait (unless you want to). Horses living out and those still with winter coats will not be penalised.
  9. You ride and handle your pony at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for damage, loss, or injury.
  10. All proceeds from Classes 16 and 18 will be donated to New Forest Carriage Driving for the Disabled.
  11. Any donations made via a basket item or at the checkout will be donated to Hampshire Spirit Horse Rescue.
  12. Donations will be paid to the Charity in a single amount once the show has closed.
  13. Classes are charged at £3.50 each.
  14. Classes may be split if deemed necessary due to volume of entries.
  15. To enter Class 18 you must be the copyright owner for the image you enter, or have the copyright owners permission to enter it into the May Lockdown Show and for the image to be displayed on the Lockdown Show website and Facebook group
  16. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree for us to hold your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy and to allow to use your images to promote the show, the website and our Facebook group.